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Monday, 10 June, 2013 - 14:00 to 20:00


 Iron 3 is glad to introduce the new edition of International Wine Traders – Geneve 2013, workshop completely dedicated to Italian wineries.

Every wineries will have his personal exposition desk at the great location for wine Event of Hotel Beau Rivage, Geneve downtown. International Wine Traders aim to put in contact wineries with professionals operators of the following categories: importers, distributors, wholesalers, restaurateurs, wine shops, wine association and media. International Wine Traders want to create and steady new business opportunity for Switzerland market.

Switzerland with 41.285 Km2 and 7,78 million of people (2009 data) it is at 94th place in the word rank for number of citizens and at 135th place as surface. The most populous city is Zurich (385.000 citizens) follow by Geneva (191.000), Basel (169.000) and Berna the Capital town (130.000)

Cindarella of Europe is one of the richest Country in the Word with unique characteristic in Europe. If we analyze quantity and kind of Italian products present in the market, we can compare Switzerland with European traditional market for Italian products (Germany and France) to the other side, the high growth percentage of importation for Italian products assimilate Switzerland market to developing Country as Russia and Brazil.

Switzerland wine consume is between 2,7 and 2,8 millions hl with a total sell volume of 3 billions CHF (1,86 billions euro) and a pro-capita consumer of 40 liters. Wine market growth of 6,4% and place Switzerland at third place for Italian wine export with a growth of 10% (Italian Chambers of Commerce for Switzerland data, June 2013)


International wine traders will occur at Hotel Beau Rivage (Quai du Mont Blanc 13 – ch 1201 – Geneve – Suisse) from 14:00 to 12:00. More than 150 professional operators from all the Switzerland will attend at the Event. Will be organize tasting island for every winery with 35 different wine tasting desk. All the operators will be free to walk around the hall and taste different wineries. During the last two hours wine lovers and wine collectors will be allowed to attend the Event.

ATTENDANCE METHOD:Wineries that want to participate need to fill and send back the following documents:

  • Winery form

  • Application form: 3 pages

All the documents, carefully filled have to be send by e-mail of fax at the following contacts:

By e-mail: or or by fax +39 0575 546022 at least Friday May 24 2013

International Wine Traders participation if for the first 35 wineries

For additional information feel free to contact Iron 3 tel. +39 0575 401644


International Wine Traders
 International Wine Traders Ginevra 10 Giugno 2013
Beau Rivage Ginevra, International Wine Traders Ginevra 10 Giugno 2013

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