International Wine Traders, B2B Event to promote business networing against economic crisis.

Perugia International Wine Traders is the first B2B in program for this year. Will be a two days full immertion meeting at Hotel Giò, in Perugia, betwen Italian Wineries and European Importers.
june 16th and 17th Italian Wine producers and importers from all the Europe will meet looking for a partnership, develop new projects and business opportunity.
During the two-days B2B, more than 500 meeting between Italian Wineries and European Buyers from Poland, The Netherlabnd, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Ucraina and Czech Republic.
International Wine Traders will be organize as a B2B workshop with a specific agenda based on Wineries portfolio and imporers request.
20 minutes meeting to promote and show the winesto the importers. Several meeting every day always based on wineries and importers information.Iron 3 staff will be present all the time!
International Wine Traders is an Iron 3 brand that working with WWC and IWT aim to support businessman in this particular economic period growing business relationship also B2B, workshop and similar Event.
World Wine Centre è il marketplace dedicato ai professionisti del vino, attraverso il quale, gli operatori possono incontrarsi virtualmente ogni giorno dell'anno
International Wine Traders è il nome di questi momenti B2B il cui scopo è quello di favorire le aziende ad incontrarsi in momenti esclusivi, per relazionarsi tra loro direttamente e trovare insieme strategie e opportunità di business.
World Wine Centre is a wine professional marketplace where different business unit can start to cooperate every day
International Wine Traders is the offline part of the project. B2B meeting where Wineries and Importers can taste the wine and start to make business.
Experience and knowhow are the essential start up to create everything. Iron 3 also cooperate with several consultant to support, help and develop his work and all the differen projects also in OCM and promotion.


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